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About Sara Wheeler

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist Sara Wheeler plays acoustic folk rock music. She grew up in Michigan and her first love was the trumpet. Sara started studying trumpet when she was nine years old. Her family had an old piano in their basement and Sara would find solitude by making chords and sounds on the piano. By the time she was 13 years old, she had already written her first song. Sara would often be found harmonizing with her sister or friends. Sara was self taught on piano, until making it her major instrument at Berklee College of Music in Boston. There she got up to speed quickly with her piano skills. While at Berklee she stated to also study guitar and voice. She leaned a lot from her dear friend Gavin Lurrsen who introduced her to alternate tunings on guitar. At 21, Sara moved to Japan and started to tour and travel the world making music. At that point guitar and voice became her focus. She has toured all over Japan and Europe multiple times. One of her highlights in her tours of Europe was getting the opportunity to record at Abby Road with 40 members of the London Symphony Orchestra backing her piano and voice. Her travels also took her to Nepal, India, Thailand and China.

Sara's voice is a gossamer soprano and has a celtic sound. Her song lyrics tell stories that take the listener on a journey. She uses Elixir Strings on all her acoustic guitars because they allow her to move more freely up and down the neck of her guitar. - See more at:

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